Cellular Network not available for voice calls | Fix Free

Cellular Network not available for voice calls | Fix Free

In today’s digital era, a strong and stable cellular network is necessary in order to have an uninterrupted communication. But sometimes, ‘Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls’ error message makes you feel annoyed and interrupted a lot. This article attempts to give a complete understanding of how this problem can be fixed well.

Understanding “Cellular Network not available for voice calls” Error

The “Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls” error might be due to network congestions, signal interferences and device problems. The overall communication experience is hindered by this error as it affects not only voice calls but also SMS and data activities.

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Troubleshooting Process

Checking Cellular Network Availability

In order to know if the issue is related to network availability, you can check the signal strength and see if your area is covered by a cellular network before delving into complex solutions.

Disabling Airplane Mode

Activation of airplane mode is a common mistake which turns off all the wireless connections. If this happens, you should go to the settings on their device and turn off airplane mode.

Restart the Device

If you have any issues, just restart mobile phone. It’s a good idea to reboot your device when this happens as this may cause temporary bugs and enable the connection with the mobile network.

Enable Data Roaming

It is wise to enable data roaming while traveling, so one can be able to connect other networks in case of error. This may solve the situation.

Auto-Select the Network Operator

Sometimes, manually selecting the network operator may resolve the issue. In your settings, go to cellular or network settings on your phone and choose “auto-select” which will let it connect to whatever available network.

Hardware Solutions

Check SIM Card Placement

Improper positioning of the SIM card may cause connectivity problems. If the device manufacturer’s instructions are followed, then the SIM card should be inserted into its slot securely.

Restart Mobile Phone

Restarting the mobile phone can refresh its network connections and address temporary issues. It simply involves switching off the phone and then turning it back on after a short while.

Advanced Solutions and Network Provider Assistance

Here, we will look into advanced solutions that could be followed to fix the error of “Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls”. Additionally, we shall talk about seeking help from network providers as a suitable way of resolving this issue.

Advanced Solutions

Update Device’s Software

Updating your device’s software is essential when it comes to dealing with network related issues. Generally, regular software updates usually have bug fixes and improvements, which in most cases helps in enhancing the connectivity of the device to the cellular network.

Reset Network Settings

Sometimes, resetting the network settings of a device can be an ideal solution for persistent connectivity problems. This erases all settings related to networks on the phone allowing it to create new links with any of the cellular networks.

Network Provider Assistance

If all those listed solutions don’t work, it is advisable to consult your phone service provider. They usually have customer support representatives who provide technological support on different issues concerning phones. It will also give you some ideas about why there are some interruptions in your area and other possible alternatives.

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Q1: What are the causes of “Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls” error?

A: This error might be caused by a number of factors such as network congestion, signal interference, or device issues. It may also result from wrong network settings or SIM card placement.

Q2:  How to resolve the “Cellular Network Not Available” error?

A: You have to try checking if the cellular network is available, disable airplane mode, restart the device, enable data roaming and auto select network operator.

Q3: Can hardware issues cause this error?

A: Yes, physical or liquid damage to the device can cause it too among other hardware issues.

Q4: What are some common network providers and their solutions for the error?

A: Popular network providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint have different solutions for the problem. Utilize their Troubleshoot & Resolve tools in order to diagnose the issue and get help on how to fix it.

Q5: Can I use Wi-Fi If I’m experiencing the “Cellular Network Not Available” error?

A: Yes, if your device supports Wi-Fi calling you can use it instead of making calls with “Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls” error.


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