Why does my Phone randomly vibrate Fix Easily 2 Min

Why does my Phone randomly vibrate Fix Easily 2 Min

When you are in your office, classroom or bed trying to sleep and suddenly your phone vibrates for no apparent reason; I tell you Why does my Phone Randomly vibrate. However, dear reader, don’t panic-we have what you need to put an end to those unwanted vibrations.

There are a few reasons why phone randomly vibrate for no reason. Here are some possible points:

  • The phone could be set on vibrate for notifications from various applications even if there are no recent alerts.
  • It might be in your pocket or bag and vibrating against something.
  • Maybe, the government may actually be testing the Wireless Emergency Alerts for Android and iOS users so watch out for a notification saying ‘This is a test,’ as shown in these screenshots.
  • Your phone may just have a hardware problem which causes it to vibrate when it isn’t supposed to.

Phone buzzes for no reason

If your phone vibrates and you do not know why, these are the things that you can do:

  • You can look at the applications on your phone to see if any of them have been set on vibrate mode.
  • Take it out of your pocket and look whether it is still vibrating.
  • You could take it to a repair shop for a diagnostic check.
  • Vibrate my phone for 1 minute.
Why does my Phone randomly vibrate

Actual culprit of your Phone randomly vibrate

Cellular Network not available for voice calls | Fix Free

Is your Android phone randomly vibrate or continuously? It is quite disturbing especially when it happens in quiet places or during important meetings. This article will look into why your phone vibrates randomly and provide a solution on how to fix the problem.

1. Notification Burden

Let’s face it, most of us have too many apps on our phones and many notifications enabled for each of them. This results to our phones always buzzing and beeping at us. Don’t despair! There are several simple steps that you can take to manage your notifications and minimize unwanted vibrations.

Any notification that is not important or that you would not need can be turned off and you will be surprised at how much quieter your phone will get.

Why does my phone randomly vibrate with no notifications

  1. App notifications: Some apps send notifications that don’t show up on your screen but still make your phone shake.
  2. System updates: There can be phone shakes during system updates.
  3. Software glitches: Sometimes, software may have glitches or errors resulting in unexpected vibrations.
  4. Hardware issues: Random vibrations may be caused by a defective vibration motor.
  5. Phantom vibrations: A psychological condition in which some individuals experience the perception of phone vibrations while there is no actual vibration.

2. Ghost touch

Now, just think about it: you are in an android phone using Instagram and you are swiping away to make a perfect story when suddenly…BANG! The phone goes mad and starts responding to touches that you did not make at all. You may say, “Hey phone, I didn’t invite any ghosts for this party!” This is known as “ghost touch” in the language of technology.

Even worse is that there could be several causes for this like software malfunction or hardware issues where the device vibrates randomly or continuously. Like your phone has a mind of its own!

These ghost touches can trigger different things like the vibration motor on the device.


3. System settings

It may seem unbelievable, but changes in the system settings of your phone can cause it to vibrate at unexpected times. For instance, a few phones will vibrate to indicate that battery is low while others will do so when turning on or off and still others for alerting emergencies.

If you’re having random vibrations, it is worth checking if any of these options are enabled in your phone’s settings.

4. Battery issues

In case the battery of your phone is running low, it might vibrate from time to time as a warning. Try charging your phone to find out if this will solve the problem.

5. Hardware issues

If after checking notification and system settings your phone vibrates unexpectedly, there may be a hardware issue. Specifically, the vibrator motor in your phone could be faulty. In this case, you may need to get it repaired or replaced.

To ascertain whether or not the vibrator in your phone is working properly, try using it in another application or environment. For example, open up your camera app and switch to video mode. If you start recording and it vibrates, then you know it is functioning perfectly well.

Why does my Phone randomly vibrate

Sometimes, a few apps on your phone may make it vibrate suddenly and unpredictably. These include games or dating apps with options that make the phone vibrate when you have a match or move to another level. Vibrate app can be used to solve this issues.

In order to solve this, go to the settings of all apps in your phone, and deactivate any options that can lead to vibrations.

7. Physical damage

Also, when your phone has fallen down or been damaged physically, it can start vibrating sometimes. You might need to take it to an authorized technician for repair.

Don’t forget; if none of these work, it is always good taking it to be checked out by a reputable repair service.

8. Spammy Sites

Some of the malicious websites you may have visited recently show many ads in general, others display ads to generate revenue. However, some next-level websites have 10,000 download buttons for a single thing.

That’s the problem you know; when your phone vibrates for no reason, open any web browser and check for the tabs that are open. If any of these websites are left open indefinitely on any of the tabs on your phone, it will vibrate.

9. Malfunctioning App

One reason that your phone randomly vibrate for no reason would be a wrong functioning app or not working of the app.
For instance, in my case, it was an Android 10 based phone Realme C11, which caused this continuous vibration.

Upon diving into the settings and checking on what apps were running on the background, I discovered that there was a modded app I had downloaded from third-party websites. It was why the continuous vibration happened and how it got solved.

To avoid these problems it is crucial to install only reliable applications from trusted sources like Google play store or use safe APk downloading sites and keep your applications up to date.

If you still find that your device’s vibrations are persisting for no good reason, you might want to consider seeking help from a technician or your phone manufacturer since it could be a hardware problem.

Why does my phone randomly vibrate without notification, Android?

  • While not showing visible alerts, app notifications trigger vibrations.
  • Unexpected vibrations are caused by the system settings like low battery or emergency alert.
  • Software bugs or glitches in OS and some applications as well.
  • The hardware faultiness like a damaged vibration motor.
  • Phantom vibrations are a mental experience where people feel the sensation of vibrating even when there is none.
  • We were visiting shady websites with rogue ads and background processes.
  • Downloading broken or mismatched apps from unreliable sources.
  • There was some physical damage on the phone that caused random vibrations.


That is it for today’s story. Today I shall answer one of the most burning questions, which is why does my phone keep vibrating or why does it vibrate when its not supposed to. I hope you found the article useful.
If you have any questions about this topic, please ask in the comments section below. We will respond within 24 hours. Till then have a great day and hopefully never do this again


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