Top AI Robots Made By AI Technology in

Top AI Robots Made By AI Technology in

Just like me, Would you like to learn about the incredible world of robots and what they can truly do? In this article, we will discuss about AI Robots that are making a big impact across various industries. Do you ever thought about the capabilities of these advanced robotic machines?

There is no other way to explain the AI Robots we are about to introduce. Because they all are very unique. They do not fit any traditional framework. Each one has its own role and strengths that make them stand out from each other. After reading through, you will understand why we add them in the list.

AI Robots Era

It is important to keep in mind that technology is always evolving. This list is just the beginning, there is much more for us to see in the future. Let’s not wait any longer and jump right into exploring these extraordinary creations that are redefining our lives and jobs. While they may be nothing but metal beings, they are becoming an essential part of our daily life.

What are AI Robots?

AI Robots are different from regular robots. Instead of just being smart, they use artificial intelligence to learn and adapt. This means they can do tasks that would usually need a human brain. Like customer service, healthcare, education, and even manufacturing.

Benefits of AI Robots

AI robots can be extremely helpful in various ways, some of them include below:

Increased productivity and efficiency: These ai robots are capable of automating tasks that we currently depend on humans for. This will allow human workers to put their focus towards more strategic work.
Improved safety and quality: When we have to do dangerous or difficult tasks, robots can do it with ease. Additionally, a robot does not get tired or distracted so it is no surprise that the precision and accuracy is outstanding.
Reduced costs: Labor is expensive but by using AI robots this cost is more reduced than expected. The same goes for other operational costs in this fast growing world.

Future of Modern AI Robots

Robots powered by artificial intelligence technology are still in their early stages of development, but they have the potential to revolutionize so many things in our lives. Like:

Manufacturing: Factories will be able to use these robots for assembly, welding, and painting. Automating the floor.
Customer service: Retail stores and call centers can now use robots to help with customer service.
Healthcare: Surgery, nursing, and rehabilitation are just a few tasks that robots can do.
Education: They will even be used for education by providing personalized instruction to students. Not only that, but they will also help teachers with grading and other administrative tasks in this tiresome era of education.

AI Robots Press Conference

In 2023, a group of humanoid robots put on a show at the AI for Good conference in Geneva, Switzerland. In front of the audience, they held a press conference and answered questions that reporters threw at them. The topics ranged from what they think would happen to human jobs due to their own existence, and if they had any plans to overthrow us. It was quite the experience for everyone attending.

This news briefing was noteworthy in terms of technological advancement. It occurred for the first time that humanoid robots responded to questions from the media in public. The responses from the Robots were very informative and thoughtful about AI robots. That news press also encourages many people to think about the risks and benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in everyday life.

AI Robots

Robot AI is a field focuses on the growth and exposure of artificial intelligence technology in robot design. The moto of  AI Robot researchers is to build that kind of robots that can learn, adjust, and communicate with the world as humans do in their daily life.

In  Robotic world, one of the big problem among the others is learning how to understand and respond to natural language. A tough task that requires a lot of work to get right.

They need to have an understanding of the world around them in a way that allows them to understand the nuances and complexities of human language. Another thing they need is safety. Robots used by humans more and more in dangerous environments like hospitals or manufacturing facilities. One small mistake of the developer can cause devastating consequences.

List of the top AI robots in the world in 2023:

  1. Ameca (Engineered Arts)
  2. Sophia (Hanson Robotics)
  3. Spot (Boston Dynamics)
  4. Pepper (SoftBank Robotics)
  5. Atlas (Boston Dynamics)

Let’s talk about all the above mentioned AI Robots in detail and know the details and functionality of these robots in our daily life.


Sophia is the world’s most famous one of AI robots. She’s a humanoid robot manufactured by Hanson Robotics and unveiled in 2016.She is well-known for her realistic look and ability to interact with humans like other human beings do.Sophia has been displayed in numerous media channels and has been granted Saudi citizenship by the Government of Saudi Arabia.

sophia robot


Ameca is also another creative AI Robot which has a realistic appearance. Engineered Trades created it in 2021 to serve as a platform for the development of new AI technologies. Ameca has appeared in various music videos in Dubai and also in commercials. As well as it is also used by Scientists in scientific research. Ameca received a lot of media attention on Twitter and TikTok before its first public presentation at CES 2022, which was reported by CNET and other news outlets.

ameca robot


Atlas is an innovative AI Robot created by Boston Dynamics.The robot was initially built for a variety of search and rescue tasks, and was unveiled to the public on 11 July in 2013. It is well-known for being capable to walk and run on rocky surfaces. As well as, it can be used to accomplish difficult tasks such as opening doors and climbing stairs.

Atlas has been used in various disaster relief missions and is also being used to build new service technologies. Boston Dynamics later on released major updates in this AI Robot in the years 2017,2018,2019,2020 and the last one On August 17, 2021.

atlas robot


On June 23, 2016, Boston Dynamics created and revealed a four-legged robot called Spot. It is lighter one other than their other Robots. It is widely recognized for its agility and ability to move through difficult surfaces. Spot has been utilized in a widerange of applications such as in construction, inspection, and security aspects of life.

On June 16 in 2020,Boston Dynamics made Spot robot available for the general public to purchase this at a price of US$74,500 which is nearly equivalent to $84,242 in 2022.

spot robot


Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot manufactured by SoftBank Robotics and was introduced in Tokyo on June 5, 2014 by the Founder of the company. It is created as a social machine with the ability to interacting naturally with people and to read the emotions.

Pepper is being used in a range of locations, like in retail businesses, banks, and hotels. Pepper has the ability to read emotions which is based on AI Technology . It detects facial expression and analyzes facial expressions and voice tones.And at the end, it does the work assigned to it.

pepper robot

These are some other top known AI Robots in the world:

  • Geminoid DK (Aalborg University)
  • Nadine (Fraunhofer IPA)
  • Junco Chihira (Osaka University)
  • Kime (Hitachi)
  • Jia Jia (Hanson Robotics)
  • Talos (Boston Dynamics)
  • Han (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
  • Alter 3 (Aldebaran Robotics)
  • Robot Shalu (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
  • Desdemona (Fraunhofer IPA)

At different stages in their development, these robots are the highest level of AI engineering. Currently they can do a lot such as: interact with people in a natural way, perform complex tasks in dangerous or remote environments, and so much more.

The use cases for robots like this have potential to revolutionize industries and day to day life. 

It could increase productivity levels, efficiency, safety measures, quality, and even bring down costs. On top of that we can introduce new services and products that we once thought were impossible.

Imagine what future models could do. And we’re just getting started. There’s still so much more we can do with AI engineering and robotics that we haven’t even thought about yet.


AI robots have the potential to change many industries and elements of our life. AI technology will continue to advance, which means that AI robots will be used in a wide range of settings.


Q: What are the benefits of AI Robots in our life?

A: AI robots provide several advantages, including better productivity and efficiency, improved safety and quality, and price reductions.

Q: What is the future applications of AI Robots?

A: AI robots are able to be use in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, consumer service, education, health care, and others as well.

Q: What are the challenges for developing AI robots?

A: Some of the problems involved in creating AI robots include developing robots that are able to react to natural language and making robots that are safe and trustworthy.


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