Daad Scholarships 2023 How to Study Free in Germany

Daad Scholarships 2023 How to Study Free in Germany

Like other students, Do you also want to study free in Germany in 2024. No worry, Tech2Jobz posted a new article related to DaaD Scholarships 2023-2024 which is fully funded. Read till the end, so you know full details about the Scholarship.

Daad Scholarships 2023-2024

Studying overseas is a fantastic way to widen your interests, obtain useful experience, and increase your knowledge. Germany is currently one of the most popular places to study for international students, thanks to its world-class universities and research facilities. The high cost of schooling and living expenditures, on the other hand, can be an important obstacle for many students.

Daad Scholarships 2023

If you are a student who has always wanted to study in Germany but worried about the financial load, there is a surprise for you. For international students interested in studying in Germany, the German Academic Affairs Service (DAAD) provides fully supported scholarships. In the following article, I will tell you everything you need to find out about DaaD scholarships 2023 that are fully funded.

Hosting Country/Institute:

Germany / German Universities providing Postgraduate Courses for International Students in Different Fields of Study

Daad Scholarships 2023 Seats:

The available seats for Daad Scholarships 2023-24 are limited because from different countries of the world, students desire to apply for this. And want to pursue higher education from Germany for free.

What are DaaD Fully Funded Scholarships?

DaaD fully financed scholarships are offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for international students hoping to study higher education in Germany. These scholarships cover all the students’ expenditures, including tuition, expenses for living, health insurance, and travel costs.

Courses Offered:

  • Masters or PhD courses in Economic Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Political Economics
  • Development Cooperation
  • Engineering and Related Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Regional and Urban Planning
  • Agricultural and Forest Sciences
  • Natural and Environmental Sciences
  • Medicine and Public Health
  • Social Sciences
  • Education and Law
  • Media Studies

List of all Postgraduate courses with application deadlines for 2023/24.

List of all Postgraduate courses with deadlines for 2024/25.

Eligibility for DaaD Fully Funded Scholarships:

To be eligible for a DaaD fully funded scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You should be an international student.
  2. You have to possess a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree.
  3. Students need to have an excellent academic record in the past.
  4. If you want to continue your studies in Germany, you must be highly motivated and committed.
  5. Before beginning your studies, you have to show proof of German language ability or aim to take a language course.

Benefits of DaaD Fully Funded Scholarships:

DaaD fully funded scholarships offer many benefits to international students. Below are some of the benefits:

  • The Scholarship covers all the expenses of the students including tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, and travel expenses.
  • DaaD Scholarship also provides a monthly stipend to the students to cover their expenses.
  • This Scholarship also provides language courses and other supportive programs to help students to adjust into German society.
  • The scholarship includes a monthly stipend of 861 euros for graduates or 1,200 euros for doctoral candidates.
  • In addition, this Scholarship offers opportunities to participate in research projects, internships, and networking events.

Applying Process for DaaD Scholarships 2023-24:

To apply for DaaD fully funded scholarships, follow the given below steps:

  • Choose the study program you want to apply for and check if it is eligible for DaaD fully funded scholarships.
  • Check the eligibility criteria and application deadline for the Scholarship program.
  • Collect all the necessary documents, including your Transcripts, CV, Language Certificates (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.), and letters of recommendation (LOR).
  • Submit your application through the DAAD portal online.
  • Now you have to wait for the notification of the selection process. If you are Lucky and got selected, you will receive an offer letter from DAAD.

Official Website To Apply: https://www2.daad.de/deutschland/stipendium/datenbank/en/21148-scholarship-database/?status=3&origin=190&subjectGrps=F&daad=&intention=&q=&page=1&detail=50076777

Frequently Asked Questions :

When is the application deadline for DaaD Scholarship 2024?

The deadline for each scholarship programme is different. The deadline can be seen on the DAAD website.

How many scholarships are available for International students?

The amount of scholarships available varies according to the scholarship programme and the available cash.

How to study in Germany for free?

Yes, students can apply for many scholarship programmes to study in Germany for free. But you need to meet the qualifying requirements for all of them

Is it necessary that you’re proficient in German?

Yes, most scholarship programmes need German language proficiency. However, certain programmes may provide language courses before beginning studies.

What if I am not chosen for the scholarship?

If you are not chosen for the DaaD fully funded scholarships, you can still apply for other scholarship programmes or seek alternative funding.


Don’t give up hope, and keep looking for additional chances to assist you reach your goals.


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